‘The Occult Activity Book: Volume Two’ is Available



Did you love the witchy wonderfulness of The Occult Activity Book?  Volume Two is now available and it is awesome.

Co creators S. Elizabeth and Becky Munich had a great time with the first volume, and this new volume has a great deal of new surprises. Featured in the second volume are:

  • Alex Kievsky
  • Carisa Swenson
  • Dana Glover
  • Dan BythewoodA
  • EC Steiner
  • Heather Drain
  • Jack W. Shear
  • Tenebrous Kate
  • Laurel Barickman
  • Sonya Vatomsky

As with the first go round, there is also a deluxe edition with stickers and extra goodies. You can purchase your very own copy here: http:// munichartstudio. bigcartel.com/

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