The People Garden Blurs the Line Between Reality and Imagination


The People Garden Poster The People Garden, which was written and directed by Nadia Litz, is a very entertaining watch. The line between reality and imagination is crossed in a chilling way. The amazing performances and suspense kept me enthralled for the entire hour and a half. I was never quite sure what was reality, or a product of Sweatpea’s imagination.

The movie follows the story of Sweatpea, who flies to Japan with the intention of breaking up with her rockstar boyfriend, Jamie (Francois Arnaud). She arrives on the set of his music video shoot only to find Jamie missing and to clash with his sex symbol co-star, Signen(Pamela Anderson). Sweetpea is determined to get to the bottom of Jamie’s disappearance, only to find out the Japanese forest where he vanished is a famous destination for suicide.

Sweatpea learns a lot about who she is as a person, and her true feelings about her love for Jaimie, meeting some very interesting friends and characters along the way.

Dree Hemingway did a wonderful job as Sweatpea, but honestly one of my favorite parts of this film was Pamela Anderson. I’ve always been big fan, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying so. It was a pleasant surprise to see Anderson make an appearance.

I also loved that the location of the film was Japan. I loved the added aspects of the culture and the forest location, which becomes a main character in the film in its own way.

The only disclaimer I have about this movie is that a good portion of this film is in Japanese. It adds an authentic element to the location and movie, but this is not a movie for you unless you enjoy subtitles. That said, do not let a little bit of reading deter you from  the film. I liked that the added element of reading forced me to keep my full attention on the screen, no matter how many times my phone vibrated or my Facebook notifications exploded.

Finally, I thought the movie was the perfect length. It’s 83 minute runtime keeps the viewer interested and leaves one wanting more. This length provides the perfect break from reality into a thrilling world of the mysterious forest.  It’s definitely worth watching.

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