‘The Last Days of Jack Sparks’ is Witty, Scary, and Hilarious


cover84026-mediumJack Sparks has become a household name, but not in a good way. His bad attitude and books about difficult subjects have helped to line his pockets, but also have boosted his overwhelming ego. As a self-professed Atheist (and he professes it many times), he claims he does not believe a single bit in the Supernatural. His strongest relationships are with his social media accounts, and respect is a foreign term for him. When he goes to a small Italian village to witness an exorcism by the Catholic church, he laughs mid-ceremony and declares it all a fake, even taking the time to mock the situation via his internet feeds. Jack may be done with the Supernatural, but it certainly isn’t done with him. Soon Jack is traveling all over the world to find out who posted a terrifying ghost video to his Youtube feed and encountering the most terrifying experiences of his selfish life.

Jason Arnopp’s The Last Days of Jack Sparks is the perfect book for folks who would love more of the Black Tapes podcast, if it was told by a self-involved Hunter S. Thompson on a cocaine binge. Sparks is possibly one of the least reliable narrators in recent literature, and the book goes to great lengths to compare his story to actual events. The book is designed as if compiled by Spark’s editor and surviving brother, complete with written transcripts, interviews following the incidents, and even a diary entry from Jack Spark’s beloved roommate, Bex. At the times where Jack Sparks begins to have too overwhelming of a personality, events come into play that take him back a few spaces.

The Last Days of Jack Sparks is a perfect novel to pick up around the Halloween season. There is more than enough action and creep factor to keep fans of The Exorcist or recent movies like The Rite, focused and ready to turn the next page. A word of personal caution, if I may: keep the lights on when reading this one late into the night. There are some descriptions that were even a bit hard to swallow for a horror fan like me.

Jason Arnopp’s The Last Days of Jack Sparks is now available from Orbit Books. It pairs well with a pumpkin cider and a roaring fire.


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