CIDR B-Movie Posters Draw Attention to Scientific Heroism


The Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR) has just released a series of posters (included below) drawing attention to the ongoing danger represented by disease and the true heroism involved in battling them. Citing the recent flood of funding for and attention paid to Zika and Ebola research, John Aitchison notes that “the resulting forward progress over the ensuing months and year…amounts to more than has occurred in the previous decades for these diseases.” The CIDR posters, Aitchison writes, came about through his realization that when people know what is happening, they can come forward and contribute to solving problems.

He attributes some of our failure to address a number of “old” diseases like malaria and sleeping sickness–diseases that claim millions every year–to our reactive natures and a failure of imagination. These posters address the later, taking the theme “Human vs. Pathogen” and being as imaginative as anyone could wish. They

were a true collaboration between art and science, developed by our team here at the Center and our design partner, Motive. The design muse stemmed from a combination of World War-era public health propaganda posters, classic movie posters, and comic book imagery.

Taken together these CIDR posters are both dramatic and hopeful, with their B-movie slogans and dramatic poses.

And, they are an invitation to viewers to join the fight. Most immediately, anyone who wants may receive high-resolution digital versions of the posters by giving $25 donation here, benefiting of CIDResearch. Longer-term methods of assistance are left to the reader to investigate, but there are plenty of options available.





via CIDR and Slate

CIDR B-Movie Posters Draw Attention to Scientific Heroism
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CIDR B-Movie Posters Draw Attention to Scientific Heroism
Take a look at these creative and compelling CIDR posters using B-Movies and World War II propaganda to show scientific heroism.
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