Batman vs Boba Fett and Other News


Small kids at a candy counter, lazy dogs lying at their masters’ feet, Batman vs. Boba Fett, all things you’d expect to see in an exhibition organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Yes, you read that right. The Norman Rockwell Museum has organized a traveling exhibition, “Superheroes and Superstars: The Recent Works of Alex Ross” featuring a number of the artist’s works, including this magnificent struggle between the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter and the world’s greatest detective. No word yet on who won the fight(1), but Ross has caught the two mid-fight and, it looks like, mid-air:

Batman vs Boba Fett by Alex Ross

The traveling exhibit contains many of Ross’s works and sounds like a dream come true for comic book fans as it includes numerous original paintings plus additional crossover combat. According to the Norman Rockwell page,

this exhibition will showcase nearly 100 new, original paintings by Alex Ross and will comprise 3,500 square feet of gallery space. Paintings, sketches, and models from his childhood and college years will be included, as well as works from current and upcoming high-profile projects. In addition, several never-before-seen personal artworks will be on display, including crossover battles between popular characters from comic books and film.

Other works included will include an Alan Moore Tribute piece and a recreation of Spider-Man’s famous swing with everyone’s favorite editor:

Many of the works will be exclusively available in print and poster form on, though they do not yet show on shop searches. We will keep you updated on further information as we have it.

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(1) Rumor has it that it was Batman, who had a backup for his backup plan, but Fett accomplished his mission and left town long before the Gotham PD figured out what to do with him.

Batman vs Boba Fett and Other News
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Batman vs Boba Fett and Other News
Batman vs Boba Fett is only one of the many new works by Alex Ross collected in a new Norman Rockwell Museum exhibit.
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