Mycroft Holmes #2 is Freaking Fabulous


Mycroft #2I love it. No, seriously, I love this story. These comics are quickly becoming my favorites. And this is only the second one. The glee with which Mycroft lives his life in this universe that was created by Abdul-Jabbar is infectious. This Mycroft is not a stuffy diplomat. Not a man in a suit who is pleased to sit back and maneuver the world from behind the scenes. Oh no, this Mycroft is a bare knuckle boxer who is satisfied to hit first and then deduce second, and then make time to seduce third. And it’s freaking fabulous.

This volume picks up right after the first. Mycroft has been kidnapped by Queen Victoria, her way to get him to do what she needs. But he isn’t really keen to be part of her plans until he’s take to the toy warehouse. it is there that Mycroft realizes what has been going on in London behind his back. It’s not good. But luckily he’s on the case, and it’s not long before he’s figured out the next steps to be taken. Sadly all this happens too late. While Mycroft is dealing with a monster pulled straight from literature, over in America the war that The Queen was hoping to avoid has already begun. This is going to be a new kind of war, with machines that she had hoped would never see the light of day.

I am beyond to excited to see what will happen next. The little teaser for the next volume piqued my interest as it might imply that Mycroft will be going to America to meet what looks to be a really kick butt woman. I really hope I’m reading into it right, Mycroft meeting his match would be really fun to read.

Mycroft Holmes #2 is available today on Amazon

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