Seven to Eternity Grabs the Reader Instantly


Seven to Eternity #1 Magic and myth and whispers and war. This comic has it all. Seven to Eternity is a story of family and war, a story about how an army is not needed when you can use words to force armies to fight each other. A world with no science. No technology. Only dirt and animals. A world being torn apart by the Mud King.

The Osidis family, lead by their patriarch Zeb, are outcasts, forced out of their homes because Zeb Osidis would not kneel to the Mud King. A man of honor and strong will, he leads his family away from the war he refuses to fight. But soon enough the war catches up with them. The Mud King does not appreciate that Zeb Osidis defies him, and he makes it known. He sends a strong magical being after them. Magic flows through some members of the family though. A Mosak himself, Zeb tries to stand strong but he falls and the family is forced to run again. The tale is sad and I don’t believe that it will get any cheerier in the next issue.

Zeb’s son, Adam, is deathly ill, but it does not stop him from leaving his family to go after the Mud King. He thinks he’s going to kill the man who killed his father, but he has a choice to make. Kill the Mud King or bend to him. I don’t think Adam knows what he will choose, and this leaves the reader grasping. A cliffhanger. Great. Now I have to wait another month to find out what he chooses.

Everything about this comic is amazing. The cover design reminds me of sci fi and fantasy novels from the sixties and seventies. The tone is half western, half fantasy. The magic system is incredibly thought out and well written. I honestly cannot think of a thing about this story that didn’t grab me straight away. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Seven to Eternity is out today and can be found on Amazon

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