The ‘Batgirl’ Comic Team is Reuniting for Image’s ‘Motor Crush’


Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart, and Brenden Fletcher, the team behind Batgirl of Burnside, have joined up again to create the original comic Motor Crush.

Motor Crush follows Domino Swift, a young woman who kicks butt in motorcycle racing by day, and takes down brutal bike gangs at night. The gangs are after a rare substance called Crush. The origins of this “machine narcotic” are unknown and put her in danger.


“Something magic happens when Cameron, Babs and I make comics together,” said Fletcher. “We felt it when working on Batgirl and it’s there on every neon-soaked page of Motor Crush. We’re so fortunate to be able to continue this journey together as colleagues and friends. Motor Crush is the culmination of everything we’ve been working toward.”

Stewart added: “Motor Crush showcases our team at full throttle, working the way we want to produce a comic that’s unlike anything you’ve seen from us before!”

“Hold on tight,” warned Tarr. “It’s gonna be one wild ride!!”

Motor Crush #1 comes to stores December 7, 2016.


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