Three More Vintage Gaiman Covers Unveiled


Back in July, Neil Gaiman announced that Harper Collins would be publishing “a set of mass market paperbacks of my books with gloriously retro covers” by Robert McGinnis and showed us the first, perfect cover for American Gods. This was only the beginning, and Tuesday, the author unveiled three more vintage Gaiman covers. All are drawn by McGinnis with cover designs and lettering by Todd Klein, who describes his work on American Gods on his blog.

They are all deliciously pulpy, with that look that says you’re reading something that is a touch mysterious, probably very strange, and definitely full of excitement.

Anansi Boys Vintage Cover

Anansi Boys comes out on October 25th

Neverwhere Vintage Cover

Neverwhere comes out November 29th

Stardust Vintage Cover

Stardust comes out on September 27th.

From Neil Gaiman’s Journal on July 27, 2016 and September 21, 2016

Some of us are starting to look around for Christmas ideas, so let me point out that all of these are coming out in time for that holiday, and that they are all available through Amazon. Note: We are Amazon affiliates and will receive a portion of the purchase price to help keep this site running through Christmas and beyond. You can order Neverwhere, Anansi Boys, Stardust, and American Gods by following the links in the titles.

Three More Vintage Gaiman Covers Unveiled
Article Name
Three More Vintage Gaiman Covers Unveiled
Today, Neil Gaiman unveiled three more of the retro covers created by Robert McGinnis and Todd Klein for the new line of mass market paperbacks Harper Collins is releasing.
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