‘Penny Dreadful #4’ Plays the Waiting Game



In issue #4 of Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives continues to work to find her good friend turned vampire, Mina Harker. She uses her tarot cards to get a closer look at their course of action, but suddenly fines herself in a trace. The demonic forces controlling Mina tells her to return in order to capture Vanessa in order to use her power. Mina encounters her husband Jonathan Harker in an attempt to bring him under her thrall.  It comes down to Vanessa and Mina to decide the next steps.

Louie De Martinis’ art continues to be stunningly beautiful in the Penny Dreadful comics. This issue is very much a transition piece, meaning not a whole lot happens. I’d love to see more action and story in this comic, especially with the comic only coming out once a month. However, as a continuation of the story goes, it’s pretty good.

Penny Dreadful #4 from Titan Comics comes to comic book stores this Wednesday, September 28th.



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