Hard Case Crime Comics From Titan Debute at NYCC 2016


Hard Case Crime Comics LogoNoir fans rejoice! Titan Comics is introducing a new Hard Case Comics line which will see numerous noir novels, new and old, from the Hard Case Crime novels released in comic book form. These novels include hardboiled crime novels byStephen King, Michael Crichton, Lawrence Block, Mickey Spillane, Ed McBain, Donald E. Westlake, James M. Cain and Max Allan Collins. The Hard Case Crime Comics line will kick off with Peepland “a punky semi-autobiographical 80s neo-noir: from writers Christa Faust and Gary Phillips with artist Andrea Camerini. The second book in the premiere is Triggerman “an operatic Prohibition era epic” from writers Walter Hill and Matz, with art from Jef. The books will appear with super-pulpy new exclusive covers by Fay Dalton only available to purchase at the show at Titan booth #2142.

Writers Christa Faust and Matz and editor Charles Ardai will be speaking in a Livestream interview from 3:15 on Friday October, 2016 at the NYCC Livestream stage and the three will be at a Hard Case Crime signing at 2:30 PM at Titan booth #2142 on Saturday, October 8, 2016.

Take a look at the super-pulpy covers below and see what you think:



Take a look at the covers for two of Titan's Hard Case Crime Comics, Peepland and Triggerman, which make their first appearance at NYCC 2016
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