‘Rad Women Worldwide’- Women Revolutionaries You Need to Know


cover87801-mediumTen Speed press has done some magic for women this year. Following their incredible collection Women in Science, Ten Speed has released Rad Women Worldwide. This book compiles women who have changed the world and fought against their oppressors to get their message heard. Writer Kate Schatz and artist Miriam Klein Stahl cover women from all races and continents, including two (Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft) that crossed Antarctica.

The women in this book span multiple countries, from South American mothers fighting to find out what happened to their missing children, all the way to an Indian Woman that became an astronaut. I’m happy to report that African women get a great deal of love in this book, which is sadly something I haven’t been able to say about many books highlighting the accomplishments of women. It’s not because there aren’t a ton of women in Africa fighting for a better life, it’s because so rarely are they highlighted.

Rad Women Worldwide is written in a way that assumes a younger audience. Some passages are given pretty basic explanations, while others have a bit loftier tone. The book is readable for young teens and adults equally. This makes it a healthy choice to hand off to your middle grade child or teenager. It also acts as a great starting point for further research on women you may have never heard of. Unlike their Women in Science book, this book expands the search to cover athletes, artists, and revolutionaries. It will make you proud of these women. This is another collection to add to your bookshelf.

Rad Women Worldwide is now available from Ten Speed Press.


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