The Fourth Doctor: Gaze of the Medusa pt 5


4d_5_cover_a Sometimes the downside to reviewing comics is when you get the last of a series, that you haven’t read. I started this comic all excited cause I hadn’t read one with the Fourth Doctor yet, but sadly this is 5 of 5, so I went in not knowing what had been going on before this. The good thing about living in the internet age though, is that I could go look up the blurbs of the previous 4 volumes, so at least I had a general idea. And oh how do I want to get those first 4 volumes. This comic was good. Fun and creepy and funny all at once. There’s a medusa. A God, or at least a “phantasmagoria” of one. Zeus to be exact. I love when Doctor Who messes with religion and myths, it always amuses me that any deity can be explained away with some alien race that has been on the earth longer than humans.

As I said, this is the final in a series and that means an ending, one in which Sarah Jane is no longer turned to stone, and the doctor once again makes a decision to save many lives while destroying one. And one may think that Medusa is a baddie or a “horror” as our friend Zeus likes to call her, but she was a living creature. While the Doctor likes to say he isn’t a killer, this is a perfect example of when he proves himself wrong. Or is it? There is a moment where it is alluded that this same thing will happen again years later. So perhaps that is why the Fourth Doctor feels okay with burying Medusa in a avalanche of rock? Because he knows he did not kill her? Only imprisoned her? One never can tell, because as much as we, the fans, think we know the doctor, we don’t. Not really. He always surprises us. I think that might be why we love him so much.


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