Hammer Horror Comes to Titan Comics with ‘The Mummy’ #1


The classic Horror studio Hammer Films and Titan Comics have teamed up to bring classic horror in comic book form. The first offering will be a mini-series focusing on the classic mummy monster. The Mummy #1, is written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Ronilson Feire. The new series will feature both classic characters and some original stories from Hammer.

Here’s the official synopsis:

For 2000 years the Sect of Anubis have prolonged their life spans through human sacrifice and the enslavement of an Egyptian High Priestess cursed to walk the afterlife for all eternity.

On one night every 30 years the Sect must offer up a human vessel to house the spirit of the priestess Nebetah so that they can kill her and drink her blood, thus granting them immortality.

 But this year they have chosen the wrong vessel and she’s not going willingly…

The Mummy #1 is available November 9, 2016.


mummy-preview-1 mummy-preview-2 mummy_1_cover_c


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