Supremacy of the Cybermen – A Doctor Who Special Event


doctor_who_3-event_2016_cover_a A universe without The Doctor? It sounds insane. But that is what the Cybermen are after. It is telling I think, that with all the power they have, now that they have Time Lord technology, that they are systematically wiping out every regeneration of the Doctor.

This is the third volume in the Supremacy of the Cybermen special event, and the stakes are getting high. The doctor is losing companions and friends. He is being hemmed in on all sides by Cyberman in forms he’s never seen before. And all of it is happening because Rassilon has decided that being evil and throwing in with the cybermen is his new best plan. Almost makes you want to reach into the pages of a comic and smack him. But since that isn’t actually possible, all we, the reader, can do, is wait. Wait to see if the Twelfth Doctor can figure out how to save all his previous regenerations. See if he can stop time from being rewritten,without him in it.

This comic, like the previous two, go back and fourth between the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. Each is dealing with own version of Cybermen, each is in a different time period, and each is not doing so well. It is important to note that the Eleventh, in all his bow-tied glory, says to the Cybermen that they have never upgraded a Time Lord before. His face when they tell him he’s wrong is really all you need to know for this comic event. He’ll be upgraded, it’s all Rassilon’s fault, and hopefully one of the regenerations will save the day. My bet is on Twelve, as he’s the one dealing face to face with Rassilon.

I know we have two more volumes of the series, so I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen Vol 3 is available now on Amazon


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