The Tenth Doctor: Old Girl: Primeval #2


10d_2-14_cover_a I think my favorite part of this story, is all the fun names that Cindy comes up with for the Time Sentinels. Playmobile Psychos, Ball head and Lethal Knights of Living Lego… Just some of her nicknames for the bad guys. I like her just on her ability to come up with such great names on the fly and in the midst of terrible danger.

This story is 2 of 5 of the Old Girl: Primeval series and again I’m missing out having not read the first one. But that’s okay because except for a few panels at the end that talk about Gabby and Anubis, this story seems to be a full scene. I’m sure there is a part in the first volume that explains why the doctor and Cindy have left gabby behind, but really, it’s okay. This story is good, and almost reads as a standalone. The Time Sentinels are pretty creepy and certainly are on a mission. The Doctor has been flagged as a renegade and they are out to kill him now that they have him. As usual though, the doctor is slimy and with the help of Cindy, is able to get away. Though now that he’s been in a place that even he shouldn’t be, he’s got a new entity chasing him. It’ll be interesting to see if they pop up again, or if the rest of this comic series will follow the Anubis plot line with Gabby.

As an extra, it’s always nice to see the cycle of faces from the doctors past. I love that the writers and Titan understand how important the history is, so they keep finding ways to incorporate his old faces.


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