SnotGirl #3: Cool Compromises


snotgirl03-cover-web Lottie is just your normal, stuck up, trendy fashion blogger. She visits cool places, orders cools clothes and kills cool people. Wait, what?! Lottie has a secret. During a drunken escapade she MAY or MAY NOT have murdered someone. Why the confusion? Well, said person KEEPS texting her and that just seems odd for someone she SWEARS she saw laying on the ground covered in blood. Right when she is ready to confront her drunken stupidity and call “Cool Girl” the worst happens: her intern arrives and ruins a perfectly good bubble bath. Sheesh, what’s a girl to do?

snotgirl03-review5Snot Girl #3 is definitely moving this comic’s story line into full gear. Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley with artwork by Leslie Hung, this issue pulls at your inner detective and leaves you on a cliff full of questions. Dear little Lottie is in a predicament. Her boyfriend was stolen from her by an ex-intern, she MAY have accidentally killed someone and NOW she has to go to “Normal Girl’s” party. How could her day get ANY worse? That’s easy: she and “Cute Girl” end up wearing the SAME outfit to Norm Girl’s party. Panick stricken, emotional, and overwhelmed Lottie rushes from the scene in an attempt to escape the drama that seems to be stalking her.

That’s when Lottie’s drama hits its climax. She sees HER, the girl who stole her boyfriend, casually sitting in one of Lottie’s dress designs. With her anger in full tilt Lottie’s homicidal side comes out and she pushes HER into a pool where the poor girl struggles to swim to safety. After a whirlwind argument with her ex-boyfriend Lottie storms from the party and runs into the one person that could solve ALL of her problems. The one person who is supposedly DEAD. Lottie finds Cool Girl.

snotgirl-03_cvrbTalk about a roller coaster! This issue takes you right, left, up, down and around the merry-go-round then throws you in a blender and says hello on the way out. It takes some adjusting to as well. The panels in this comic, while illustrated beautifully, jump around a lot and are often a little difficult to follow. There is also the matter of the officer character who appears to be investigating Lottie as a “person of interest” for the death of Cool Girl who is, well, still alive?! It is all very confusing to say the least but this comic CERTAINLY delivers on drama. While I enjoy the banter of the characters I often wish I saw a bit more contemplation on Lottie’s part and a little less of her child like reactions (she supposed to be in her late twenties after all).

Snot Girl is definitely worth the time though as it, surprisingly, keeps me coming back for more. Check it out at your local comic shop OR pick up a digital copy from IMAGE COMICS today. Happy reading!

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Image Comics: SnotGirl #3
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