Symmetry #7: Traitorous Behaviors


symmetry_07-1Symmetry is Utopia. SOL (the system optimizer for longevity) created RAINAs (responsive artificial intelligence network archetypes) to aid in humanities liberty, in its community and in its ultimate segregation. SOL is Utopia and Utopia is segregation masked as the four PILLARS: Community, Harmony, Peace and Equality. There are four racial groups to mirror the four pillars: Africans, Asians, Latins and Caucasians. These groups are each led by a council and these councils have been charged with teaching the only mixed race human, Julia, about their cultures, creeds and governments. But all is not as it seems in Utopia and SOL (the artificial intelligence which controls the world) realizes that all may not be well within its mind either. For better or for worse, Julia is the KEY to establishing order in a Utopia capsized by greed, fear and the unknown.

symmetry07_Published by Image Comics and written by Matt Hawkins, Symmetry #7 finally provides the history of the world and how it transitioned into the “Utopia” that SOL designed for it. After an unsuccessful visit to the Asian Council and a warmer welcome to the African council Julia now departs for one of her home communities: The Latin Council. It is here that she is welcomed by family and learns a sliver of the truth about SOL. She knows that there are three different outcomes to her efforts and one may well end in her death. Despite the fear of it all Julia sees the protective nature of SOL and knows it has only the best intentions for mankind.

With her new crew in tow: a man from Asia, a woman from Africa, a female cousin from Latin, and two new robots there is just one more place for them all to travel…the “White” Council. Situated in a futuristic Los Angeles, this Council refuses to speak to Julia but offers one of their young male citizens as a companion. From there things get…well, they get violent. Symmetry is definitely a comic that plays with the balance of things. One moment the characters are at peace and another they are the victims of violent assaults. Each incident seems planned, almost like SOL is trying to teach them WHY humanity had to be controlled; WHY it had to be segregated. As always, Raffaele Ienco does a lovely job with the artwork and the framing of each page plays into the mood of the comic. As this volume moves forward I am anxious to see the results of the actions from each council and how they play into SOL’s ultimate plan.

Make sure to check this out at your local comic shop or visit IMAGE for a digital copy. Happy reading!

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Image Comics: Symmetry #7
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