Four of the Trendiest Halloween Haunts in 2016


Welcome one and all to All Hallows Eve where ghouls, ghosts, witches and vampires all walk the streets at night in order to cause you a fright! All right, all right…I won’t jump into prose here although I TOTALLY had the CHEESIEST poem for all of you. So why the fuss? Well, it’s October! Month of beers and ghouls and dead…things. It’s the one month out the year where cosplayers and costumers alike smile with excitement and flaunt their stuff. It’s the one day of the year where ye old pirates from the Renaissance Fair are welcomed with open arms. In summary, the month of Halloween!

So, NATURALLY, I had to share with ALL of you the top “Haunts” I found this year whilst traveling the internet highways. First on my list a place close to home: The 13th Floor Haunted House!

The 13th Floor


  • General Admission is just $25 which is pretty inexpensive for how large this exhibit is.
  • There are options in the admission area to “Fast Pass” OR “Skip the Line”.
  • This exhibit allows you to take your time with it.
  • This exhibit is open the ENTIRE MONTH of October (weekends and weekdays).
  • The 13th Floor uses LIVE actors and actresses in Movie ready theatrical make-up so the effects are incredible.


  • The “Fast Pass” OR “Skip the Line” Admission costs considerably more than general admission so waiting becomes an issue if you want to stay on budget.
  • This exhibit is often too frightening for children under twelve so typically they are no admitted.
  • There are no lockers so belongings must stay inside your car OR you can bring a small tote/purse in with you.
  • For anyone with a history of seizures this is NOT A SAFE exhibit as strobes are littered throughout the mansion.
  • Photography and videography is prohibited.

Next is another event I have attended that is near and dear to my hear: Halloween Time @Disneyland!

Halloween Time at Disneyland



  • The Haunted Mansion gets an upgrade.
  • Space Mountain explores the new “Ghost Galaxy”.
  • The park gets a touch of “goth” added to it for halloween decorations.
  • The Characters’ costumes change for the Halloween holiday.
  • There are Dia De Los Muertos displays to honor the Day of the Dead celebration.
  • Main Street gets a Pumpkin festival which includes dozens of pumpkin decorations and often a HUGE Jack character seated upon an equally large pumpkin!


  • The weather is cooler so the crowds are denser and more active.
  • The ticket prices either increase or, sadly, remain at their same expensive level.
  • Adults STILL are not allowed to dress up at the park (EXCEPT on Halloween…sometimes).
  • If you do not live in Anaheim or know someone who does then be prepared for expensive hotel accommodations (again, due to good weather).

Our next Halloween Haunt is some place I have never been to but word on the streets says its frightfully fun, it’s The Village Halloween Parade in New York!

The Village Halloween Parade


  • This is a 43 year old event with long standing respect which earns it only the BEST performers, singers, actors and actresses!
  • Wearing a costume is not only welcome, it’s encouraged and often you may be dragged into the parade march as a participant!
  • The parade starts at 7PM, long after your 8-5.
  • The parade travels several city blocks so if you miss its start you can go down further in the parade route and not miss a thing!


  • The parade SHUTS DOWN MANHATTAN. Not kidding, it shuts down 6th Ave from Spring down to 16th St and the sheer number of onlookers wreaks havoc on traveling through the city.
  • The parade is ONLY one night: Halloween night.
  • Getting in line to watch the parade may be tricky, even if you ARE early.
  • The event is entirely outside so inclement weather and/or crowd conditions can be stressful.

Looking for something less crowded with fewer frights but just enough “Halloween” to excite the family? Then you’ll want your next visit to be the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Lousiville!

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular


  • This event runs for three weeks so you’ll have some time to bundle the kids and check it out.
  • There are OVER 5,000 pumpkins lining a three quarter mile trail!
  • Ticket prices top at $12 for adults and drop as low as $9 for children.
  • The trail is open seven days a week throughout the seasonal period.
  • Photography and videography is permitted.


  • The weather is often overcast and rainy during this time of year in Louisville.
  • The even is entirely outdoors.
  • Pets are no allowed on the trail even though it is in a park.

Did we name your favorite Halloween Haunt? Have a place we missed? Please be sure to share it in the comments below and happy haunting!

NOTE: Images in this article were obtained from the following sites: The 13th Floor, Pinterest, The Village Halloween Parade and Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.

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Four of the Trendiest Halloween Haunts in 2016
Four of the Trendiest Halloween Haunts in 2016
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