Old Sins Have Long Shadows in “The September Society”


The September Society by Charles FinchCharles Lenox, an upper class private detective, gets commissioned in 1866 by Lady Annabelle Payson to locate her missing son in Charles Finch’s The September Society, the second in the Charles Lenox series. George disappeared after an abrupt meeting with his mother, leaving behind a cryptic note mentioning the heretofore unknown September Society and the body of his pet cat, stabbed to death, with a code of some sort under the body. Lenox soon discovers that George Payson was one of a trio of best friends, and one of the others has also disappeared.

I find this book an improvement over the first book in the series, A Beautiful Blue Death. I gave three stars to the first in the series (for the review, visit http://fangirlnation.com/2016/08/31/beautiful-blue-death-charles-finch/) and did not intend to invest in further books in the series, but a sale on Audible lured me to give this second book a try, and I am glad I did.

There are more personal developments in this book among the various characters. One running piece of fun throughout the book is the drama surrounding the newly discovered pregnancy of Toto, the socialite wife of Lenox’s friend Dr. McConnell. Toto spends lots of time trying to decide what to name the baby, whom she seems to assume automatically will be a girl. This debate spreads throughout all of the high society, as everyone discusses what the little girl will be named, never mind that in 1866 no one could tell the sex of the baby in advance! And Lenox takes on an apprentice. Dallington has to do some clever talking to convince Lenox to take him on, but he succeeds in his quest and proves both useful to Lenox and entertaining to the audience.

James Langton returns to narrate the audio version of this book. He has a very soothing voice, which can work both for and against him. On the positive side, his smooth reading and tones are very comforting. But on the negative, sometimes I found my mind wandering because the voice did not keep me fully engaged at times.

The September Society contains a clever mystery and gave me a lot of enjoyment as I listened to the book. I give this book four stars.

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