Our Dream Loot Crate


Imagine Loot Crate called you up and said “I want you to tell us about your dream Loot Crate.” What would you choose?

We asked out staff. We asked our readers. While we had a few great categories (Halloween has Horror on our minds- Loot Crate has that covered for October 2016). Loot Crate has covered a great deal with their offerings in the past few years.  When it came down to it, everyone said pretty much the same thing: DO A DOCTOR WHO CRATE! However, looking back, Loot Crate has already done a Doctor Who, Star Wars, and even a Fallout Crate. You know what I haven’t seen? A Disney Parks Crate.  I’m sure you can imagine this for yourself, but of course….there’s always my way (BWAHAHAHA).

Haunted Mansion Dish Cookie Cutters

From Sweet Prints

From Sweet Prints

Foolish Mortals, we are without kitchen accessories. Add that extra creep to your baking with a floating Leota head, an axe from the Bride, or even a hatbox ghost. Here’s just an example we found floating around the internet.

Pirates of the Caribbean Socks


Whether you’re proud to promote your piratical nature or wanting to keep it hidden in your work shoes during a board meeting, Pirates of the Caribbean socks would be totally awesome.

Classic Disney Parks T-Shirt


Celebrate the Matterhorn, Monorail, or another well-beloved ride, perhaps with a Loot Crate Twist. Add in a logo, change it up. We can wear it on a Disney excursion or tie it into Disney bounding.

Tiki Cup or Mug

Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug

Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug

Disney recently released a Haunted Mansion Tiki Cup and it sold out within hours. Can you imagine what would happen if Disney and Loot Crate teams up for a special edition tiki mug?

Exclusive Disney Pin


Disney collector love their pins. Some, like the Ellie pins, are sold only in special places and can go for hundreds of dollars. Whether you’re a dedicated pin trader or a casual collector, how cool would it be to have a special Loot Crate/Disney enamel pin for your collection?

While we know this is just a dream crate, but we hope the Powers That Be at Loot Crate take note.



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