Lady Mechanika Experiences Dia De Los Muertos in ‘La Dama de La Muerte’ #1



After losing someone incredibly important to her, Lady Mechanika decides to go to Mexico to forget her troubles. She arrives at a small Mexican village during Dia De Los Muertos. The local innkeeper and her grandchildren explain the holiday to her and encourage her to get involved. Lady Mechanika is resistant, worrying that her red eyes will frighten the small girl who wants to paint her face. The family takes no refusal, claiming they welcome all kinds. As a group, they go to a local cemetery to pay their respects and get in touch with their dead loved ones. Unfortunately, their dead loved ones may not be as dead as expected.

The art in La Dama de La Muerte is stunningly gorgeous. If you thought Lady Mechanika was gorgeous in her Victoriana, wait until you see the combination of that and sugarskull makeup. Joe Benitez does double duty, working on both story and art. He is joined by M.M. Chen for the story, Martin Montiel on art. Peter Steigerwald and Beth Sotelo handle the brilliant coloration.

Part #1 of Lady Mechanika: La Dama de La Muerte is now available, with the next two parts scheduled to come soon. You can order it at your local comic book shop, or purchase it directly from Joe Benitez’s website.


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