NerdbotCon 2016


For those who attend conventions regularly, there is a spectrum of conventions to attend. On one end are the mega names where major news outlets flock to like San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Con. There are the mid range local conventions that have a long history such as Gallifrey One. Then there are the smaller conventions that are small, but are full of personality and unique energy.

FangirlNation was able to attend the birth of a small convention chock full of potential and energy to become a larger convention. On a hot Saturday in Pasadena, I flocked over to attend Nerdbot Con 2016. This convention is the brainchild of the geek social website, Nerdbot. A website that started one year ago and has gained popularity and stamina to organize their own convention. I am simply impressed and inspired by such a group. Having the please of meeting the Nerdbot team at other events, I am not surprised by this whatsoever.

What draws people to Nerdbot is quite simply diversity. This geek social website has diversified everything. The make up of the Nerdbot crew is a mixture of different ethnicity and gender resulting in a website with so many voices and ideas. There is someone or something for everyone to relate to. They are just so much fun. So when they created Nerdbot Con, they transferred all of that uniqueness and created a convention for everyone. In one of the most relaxing and open environment I have ever attended.

This really was a convention for everyone. There were families enjoying themselves,  people hanging out and making new friends, learning new table top games, or just rocking out to the tribute metal bands. The vendor area featured of a mix of items friendly to children to mature audiences only. A main stage featured karaoke, campaign talks by Loki Hates You, and other lively entertainment. There was something for everyone to enjoy.

For cosplayers, Nerdbot Con was especially fun. The area around the Pasadena Convention Center is ripe for beautiful backgrounds. Flowering trees, stone archways, and medieval doors were screaming for cosplay photo potential. When it became too hot outside, there were photo students set up to showcase the handiwork and show off some poses. There was even a cosplay room for featured cosplayers to mingle with their fans. A cosplay room that contained zombie target practice cutouts for nerf guns. Clearly, Nerdbot knows what people love to do.

After attending the bigger conventions, Nerdbot Con was a welcome and refreshing respite from it all. The atmosphere was relaxed and left ample room to create friendships. Especially since it was a small space and the chances of bumping into one another was expected

I genuinely enjoyed attending Nerdbot Con and I truly hope they return in 2017. Until then, check out the Nerdbot website to check them out.







































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