Jill Thompson’s Art Shines in ‘Wonder Woman: The True Amazon’


e15b8530791e17ad37edf570946523d7We all know Wonder Woman as a symbol of strength and feminine power, but has she always been that way? In Wonder Woman: The True Amazon , artist Jill Thompson takes readers through Diana’s creation, her bratty childhood, and the accident that turned her into the stunning Amazon that desires to set wrongs to right.

Jill Thompson’s artwork is incredible as always. Her work on this comic is fully painted in every panel, and not like any Wonder Woman story you’ve seen before. If you love her work in The Sandman, or her cute Scary Godmother books, you’ll love Wonder Woman: The True Amazon . Her style is evident everywhere, and truly shines with her subject matter.  The visuals in this graphic novel alone make it worth the purchase price.

The hard part of reading Wonder Woman: The True Amazon is dealing with how bratty a young Diana is. Her every whim is indulged, leading to some pretty horrific consequences. I found myself cringing at how much she gets away with.  Still, she faces some pretty upsetting circumstances that force her to straighten up and become the strong woman she must be as a superhero.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon is now available from DC Comics.


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