From Under Mountains


fromundermountainstp_cover Have you ever read something that left you completely confused?  From Under Mountains is a large book, compiled of the first six issues in the series. That means, that I just spent 180 pages going, “huh?” I should say that I’m sick, so my brain is only at about 75%, so maybe that’s why? Not sure. I can say that the illustrations are freaking gorgeous. A lot of it reminds of Native American art that I’ve seen trough the years.

The story is one of political intrigue, of magic and duty, and rebellion. I can tell you that much. There are witches and goblins, as well as men, and war is on the horizon.  Where I get confused, is by some of the people. There is a large cast in this story, and they are scheming, and fighting, and lying, and it’s really hard to follow who is doing what, and why. In retrospect, I think really, the why is the most confusing part of all. You don’t get much backstory, except to know that there was a war, and now there is a treaty, but it is in jeopardy.  An envoy from one kingdom is sent to another to try to figure out something, but it’s not really clear what.

I am, however, interested to see how the relationship between Lady Elena and Fisher, the not-so-hero. She rebels to go with him, and I think it might not end well for either of them.  With her brother dead, and her father mourning, she chooses to not just be a girl to be married, but she wants to learn. To understand what is going on in the world around her, and I admire that in a character. I hope that she gets what she wants, but the world seems dangerous.

My brain hurts trying to figure out why the things that are happening, are happening, and the order of when they happened. If I’ve learned anything from this story, it’s that I shouldn’t read when I have a head cold. Also, I love the art of Sloan Leong, and I’ll be looking out to see what else she illustrates.



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