One Website Has Guardians of the Galaxy Down for the Most Deaths Ever–But Are They Right?


Alderaan blowing up

Never forget Alderaan

The Director’s Cut, an odd little off-shoot article of an insurance comparison site, has gotten someone to spend an inordinate amount of time comparing movies by death rate–you can look at “Total Deaths,” and “Deaths per minute” while also sorting by genre, decade, or rating. Although their list of 635(!) films includes some R-rated films and a few from horror, the top four are PG-13 adventure movies, and the one they have down for the most deaths in any film, ever, is Guardians of the Galaxy, which clocks in at 83,871 deaths–pretty impressive, and down mostly, I think, to the whole business of the Peacekeepers.

Still, does it rank as the top most murderous film ever made? Consider, for example, the way they list The Return of the King at 2,798. Do we really know how many orcs died? I mean, Mordor crumbled at the end there, with untold swarms going down into the dark. Or are we only talking human deaths? In which case, there is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which they have down at number 16 with a mere 791 deaths. Are we forgetting the massive beam-of-death slicing through who-knows-how-many planets, ships, and inhabited asteroids on its way to destroying an inhabited system? And Star Wars: A New Hope is even further down the list, with just 182 to its credit. There was this planet, you know, what was its name, oh–Alderaan. Quite a few people seem convinced of its destruction, and Ben Kenobi mentions that “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced,” even allowing for some slight exaggeration on his part, we’re well over 189 deaths in that one scene. And there are all those star destroyers, those looked like they had pretty sizable crews, plus the space station “the size of a small moon,” crewed by who knows how many storm troopers, technicians, and droids (do droids count?).

Or does death only count of it’s one of the good guys who dies?

All I’m saying is, we need a recount.

What do you think? What would you nominate as the movie with the highest body count?


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