The Ninth Doctor


9d_ongoing_06_cover_a This week’s comic is a continuation of the previous few. The Ninth Doctor is dealing with gargoyles. And not just gargoyles, but people who are being turned into gargoyles. (How many times can I say gargoyles in this review?) With Rose and Captain Jack by his side, the doctor is still trying to figure out what is going on and how he can help, but first, a run in with U.N.I.T.

The three of them find Rose’s friend Dean, currently in gargoyle mode, but just as they find him, U.N.I.T finds them. And oh yeah, let’s not forget the giant rock monster type thing that showed up. It showed up, it disappeared. It left everyone scratching their heads. As usual, U.N.I.T shoots first and asks questions alter, so the doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack go with them to see about Dean and find out exactly what they are in the middle of. Problem is, The Brigadier isn’t at U.N.I.T and the Doctor is met with not the usual warmth. All of this is inter-spliced with a very evil looking woman and a man obviously in distress, if the wired head gear is a sign (Spoilers- it is!).

Another monster shows up, the gargoyle get’s knocked out, and the Ninth Doctor is full of sarcasm, which is exactly how we love him.  All in all this is a great addition t the previous story and I’m anxious to see how it plays out. The monsters are of interest to me, nearly as much as the gargoyles. I’m also interested in whether Albion, the “Defense Company” has anything to do with the evil woman and the poor man she’s keeping hostage.

As usual, I love this comic. I gobble up anything that brings the Ninth Doctor back into my life, and these comics do a great job at capturing his personality.

The Ninth Doctor is out today from Titan comics and can be found on Amazon



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