Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever and A Day


aodxena2016-01-cov-a-brown I need to thank every god there ever was, good and evil, alive or dead, for this piece of amazingness. I grew up watching Xena (and Hercules, but that’s another thing) and the Army of Darkness movies, and mashed together, it’s insane. In the best way possible. It’s like the best thing I never knew I wanted. A huge congrats to the folks at Dynamite for making this a thing. Seriously. I applaud you.

As this is a first issue, the story is simple, Xena and Gabrielle are in trouble and they need help. Of course the person they need is Ash. Because wouldn’t you call him if you could? It is alluded to them having met before, which has something to do with his ability to time travel. Xena and Gabrielle have a page of the Necronomican and use it to pull Ash from his time to theirs. Only problem is, he lands too early, and Xena doesn’t remember him or calling him to her. So that is a fun little encounter. It makes for a giggle while the two of them threaten to kill each other. Xena because she truly doesn’t remember him, and Ash, because well, that’s what he does.

I’m beyond excited to see where this goes. There is so much opportunity for awesomeness and I really, really hope they make it happen. As an aside, I’m not a person who cares about sexuality (it’s none of my business, really) but I know that there is a large faction of fans who believe Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates, so they will be really happy to see that that is indeed the case in this comic.

Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever and a Day was released today from Dynamite comics and is available on Amazon



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