Eclipse #2: The Chosen Son


eclipse02_coverWritten by Zack Kaplan with Art by Giovanni Timpano, Eclipse #2 picks up from issue one with a chase. Someone has attacked the New York Underground. Someone with experience and knowledge of the new city. Someone who can survive the SUN. This puts the Hero Bax on edge. NO ONE can survive the Sun, not since it began to burn anything exposed to it ten years ago. Not since the FLARE. So WHO is this person that can walk out into broad daylight and WHY are they hell bent on killing the Mayor’s daughter?

Eclipse is slowly becoming one of my favorite reads. The artwork is dark, gritty and emotional. The characters are serious and fully aware of the dangers that their world now possesses. Everything about this comic screams danger, excitement, mystery and intrigue. The writing is strong and the art work even stronger. Each panel is dynamic and presents the reader with the desperate state in which humanity finds itself. After all, when you can’t go outside how do you survive?

Issue #2 also comes with a REALLY cool surprise at the end: an art contest! Top Cow is asking for original Eclipse fan art submissions. The winning submission will be featured in Issue #4 and receive a $100 Amazon gift card! So if the story wasn’t incentive enough to pick up this comic then this contest should give you that extra boost. Eclipse #2 is available ONLINE and IN STORE as f October 5th so make sure to grab a copy and enjoy!

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Eclipse #2
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