Green Valley #1: It All Began with One Mistake


greenvalley01_coverSir Bertwald is aged. He has started to feel the world’s tight grip on his mortality and he grows weary of his responsibility as a knight. Bertwald is content to consign himself to normalcy, to become a husband to someone he loves and spend the rest of his twilight years siring children to bear his name. Sir Bertwald is aged…but not old. This is all the more apparent in his deft, clever and quick dealings with a Barbarian horde that attempts to assault the green valley of Kelodia. As a Knight of Kelodia it is his duty to defend Kelodian lands but today…well, today he just isn’t really feeling it. Today marks the first time in Bertwald’s history where he will make a mistake. A mistake that will end and start the rest of his life.

Written by Max Landis with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cliff Rathburn and Jean-Francois Beaulieu – Green Valley comes on strong as an incredibly historical comic set in medieval/feudal times. Released by Image Comics, this issue enraptured me in its very first panel. The line work is INCREDIBLE and the colors leap off of the page with their vibrancy. I am mystified by how GOOD LOOKING this comic is. Seriously, if this were a person, I would be blushing. Art work aside the story itself has an amazing hook. You are introduced to the four knights of Kelodia and then offered a comical look at the inner workings of their minds. It is quite clear that these fellows are the only defenders of their nation and that they may be a little tired of it.

I encourage you to pick up a copy ONLINE or IN STORE as soon as you can. This is an EXCELLENT read and receives top scores from this comic enthusiast. Happy reading and fan girl on!

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Green Valley #1
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