Black Monday Murders #2


blackmondaymurders_02-1 So…….I don’t know how but I missed this last month. Luckily, I was able to catch up before the third comes out this month. “And that is lucky why?”, you might ask. Well, because I would be even more confused if I were to miss a volume.  These comics are so in depth, so interlaced with past and present, that if I missed a volume I might not be able to catch up.  But man..I’m glad I got to read it. I love the mythos behind this story.

The writer have gone so off the rails in the background for this comic. The cuneiform. The Romani. The Russian hierarchy.  It’s enough to make your head spin. And then, just for fun, layered atop all of that is a police procedural.  It’s epic and I love it. (I know, I’ve said it just above, but it’s true.)

In this volume, Grigoria is back in town. She’s there to take over for her slain brother but also I think, to give you just a bit more of the family backstory and how it got all tangled up in the Caina. I could actually probably read a whole book about just the beginnings of the enterprise, but I guess I’ll settle for the little glimpses back in time that the comic dishes out.  Also in this volume, we meet a professor who seems to know more than he should about the glyphs. When he meets with Detective Dumas, his past is alluded to, but only just enough to make you want more. His response to Dumas is to freeze him out, but he can’t help but be pulled back in when the detective mentions he knows about his “book.”

It’s all teases. This second volume leave you with more questions than answers and is the perfect setup to what will happen next. Which means…waiting. i hate waiting, but I will. I need to know. I really need to know. The idea that there is a bank out there running the world with some dark magic is apropos for this world we’re living in now, and it pulls me in. It will do the same to you if given the chance.


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