Look Into Other Dimensions: Doctor Strange Featurette


The newest Doctor Strange featurette does not give much new material from the movie. It does, however, provide a memorable look into inter-dimensional travel. It also a look at some of the comic book panels that inspired the movie’s look. Producer Kevin Feige, Director Scott Derrickson, and star Benedict Cumberbatch take turns discussing how downright weird the book can look and promising that the movie will look at least as strange. All those odd, brightly colored panels will be making their way on screen shortly.

They’re also very enthusiastic about the IMAX version, which is none too surprising.

Synopsis for Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a young, arrogant surgeon with a promising career, loses his ability to operate after a terrible accident. Despondent and suicidal, Dr. Strange seeks advice from a mystical being known as the Ancient One and learns that he is the newly designated Sorcerer Supreme, responsible for protecting the planet from evil. With his girlfriend Clea and his loyal assistant Wong in tow, Strange sets out to fulfill his destiny.

The movie will be in theaters November 4 in 3D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D

Look Into Other Dimensions: Doctor Strange Featurette
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Look Into Other Dimensions: Doctor Strange Featurette
See the embrace of downright oddness and inter-dimensional travel in the new Doctor Strange featurette.
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