Time Never Forgets: Teaser for Doctor Who Spinoff Class


Time Never Forgets--the Doctor in Class Teaser

Those of us hoping for a return of The Sarah Jane Adventures with their somewhat lighter look on fighting alien invasions?

Not going to happen. The teaser for Class, the Doctor Who spinoff coming in Spring 2017 has a downright gleeful Doctor reminding everyone that he cannot always be their to save Earth, and that the shadows will come–and at that point, the students of Coal Hill will have to solve their problems on their own. No really–he looks much too happy about the prospect of pitting a bunch of kids (teens? preteens?) against alien invaders and time-travelers–not to mention Time itself (Is anyone else thinking of Sapphire and Steel here?)

This leads to a lot of running through shadowy corridors–and that, at least, is authentic Doctor Who.

The question is: Was Coal Hill always a hot spot for alien invaders and time travelers, and that is why the First Doctor landed there, or did it become one after he visited?

And will you watch?


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