First Glimpse of Robotech Art from Titan’s Upcoming Comic


NYCC 2016 saw the first look at the art for the Robotech comic coming in 2017 from Titan comics. The new cover is drawn by the Waltrip brothers, Jason and John, who are known for their work on the comic book series Robotech II: The Sentinals, Robotech Genesis: The Legend of Zor and Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles.

Produced by Harmony Gold, the Robotech series first aired in the United States in the 1986 where this combination of three sprawling, complex Japanese mecha series covered Earth’s conflict with successive waves of alien invasions searching for a powerful technology that had landed on the planet. Over the course of this 85-episode, multi-generational saga, the humans have to absorb the new technology quickly, battle the invaders, and deal with their own complex interpersonal relationships which often reach soap operatic levels in their complexity. Voice actors for the series included Cam Clarke, Tony Oliver, and Mark Hamill, who voiced Daryl Taylor, the human leader of the Wolf Squadron.

Robotech Cover from NYCC by the Waltrip Brothers

The show developed a loyal following and the comic book series will continue the story. Titan Comics will be revealing further art and the creative team soon.

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First Glimpse of Robotech Art from Titan's Upcoming Comic
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First Glimpse of Robotech Art from Titan's Upcoming Comic
Take a look at the first art from the upcoming Robotech comic book series from Titan Comics which will be coming in 2017.
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