Sherlock Pt 5


sherlock_manga_asip_05_cover_a These really are so true to the episodes. So let me tell you the satisfaction I got from seeing Sherlock tell Anderson to shut up in manga form. Like, I know it makes me sound mean, but seriously, Sherlock ragging on Anderson will always make me smile. So now that you know how evil I truly am, let us continue.

Part 5 of this 6 part series sees almost all the action in Sherlock’s flat. Lestrade is searching for drugs, John is acting like Sherlock couldn’t possibly be into drugs, and Anderson full of glee because he gets to rummage around in Sherlock’s life.  All of this and then, enter the Cabbie. The Cabbie is an awesome bad guy, mainly because he’s not really a bad guy. He’s been put up to it, and he’s not long for the world anyway.  The game set before Sherlock is a simple on, but then again it’s not. And can I say that it bothers me we don’t ever find out what he would have chosen? Anyway, back to the game. Two bottles. Two pills. Pick one. See, simple, but hard.

These manga versions of Sherlock are fantastic, though I must say that 5 parts in and I know what’s coming. So a part of me maybe doesn’t want to read the last one. Maybe I could pretend that Sherlock takes the pill. But that’s just macabre isn’t it?  Well, I mean, I’m gonna read it. I’m a completionist okay? And I am really looking forward to seeing that end scene drawn out as manga. I am enjoying John as a drawn character and the walking away with the two of them is super iconic.

So, despite knowing hwat happens. Despite having some of the dialogue memorized. I am still hooked. And ain’t that wonderful?


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