‘She Changed Comics’ Highlights Women Who Made a Stand in the Comic Book World


shechangedcomics-1The new comic book from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (or CBLDF), She Changed Comics, is an absolute must read for women who love the comic book industry and want to find out more about women who made amazing contributions to push it forward.While you may never have heard the names Rose O’Neil, Grace Drayton or Margaret G. Hayes, chances are you’ve seen their work. O’Neil is responsible for the drawings that would become the Kewpie doll. Drayton and Hayes made the Campbell Soup cartoons that have been on ornaments in my family going back generations. Dale Messick made a stand for women by creating female cartoon characters that held jobs previously only by men.

She Changed Comics includes the artwork and a brief biography of all participants. Even better, they include recommended books at the end of each biography so readers can find out more. There are multiple categories, including the era before the Comic Book Code ripped apart the comic book world, the Golden and Silver Ages, and even modern contributors that are making big changes. This includes fan favorites like Bitch Planet‘s Kelly Sue Deconick, the indomitable Gail Simone, the hilarious Noelle Stevenson, and the wickedly talented Jill Thompson (all of whom we have no shame in gushing about here at FGN). The book covers folks like Kate Beaton, well known for her historical cartoons on her site Hark! A Vagrant.   If you’re a big fan of Manga, don’t worry about being left out. Moto Hagio and Rumiko Takahashi are included too!

I absolutely adored this book. It is a fantastic consideration for your holiday shopping, especially if you’re looking to encourage a woman who loves comic books.

She Changed Comics is now available from Image Comics.



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