Glitterbomb #2


glitterbomb02-cover¬†Well then, that happened. Glitterbomb #2 picks up right where the last one left off. After the audition that didn’t go so hot, our girl Farrah goes to see her agent only to have the beast within show up. Literally, the beast in her eats her agent. It’s wicked! I’e never read a comic like this before, where it’s so visceral. I have to say a huge kudos to the writer, Jim Zub, who is doing a fabulous job with this story line.

The world of Hollywood has never been so monstrous, it’ll be interesting to see who else earns the wrath of whatever it is that is inside Farrah. It begs to be fed, it wants to feed, and I have a feeling that her being so down on her luck is going to offer a feast to her companion.

This issue also introduces a detective, and one who obviously knows a good actor when he meets one. After questioning Farrah about the dead agent, he lets her go, but I doubt he leaves her alone. A character drawn so well, and fleshed out in such a short amount of time, it’ll be interesting to see how he plays in later issues. ¬†This issue does leave you with the question of Brooke, she was in the office with the agent, but did Farrah’s beast eat her too, or did she get away before the feasting began? Will that come back to haunt Farrah later? I have so many questions.

I really like this comic. I enjoy the idea of it being a study of how hate and despair can feed a beast (though it is literal in this case). It’s an interesting look into the underbelly of such a glamorous world. I do have one thing though, one niggling little worry. Please Mr. Zub, please don’t let the boy get hurt. That’s all I ask, keep up the great work, but please keep the boy safe.

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