History’s Last Line of Defense–Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Premiere Clip


Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Trailer--someone just blew up New YorkWho else is looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow Season Two? With its crazy timelines and colorful crew of not-quite heroes, the show was unabashedly comic-book and entertaining–if not always logical–through its first season. Now, it’s going to mix in even more heroes, villains, and–always–more time travel.

This season starts out with the crew deciding to do exactly what they have been told not to do and head back to 1942 when someone has set off an atomic bomb in New York. With the Time Masters and their dubious moral guidance gone, this leaves the Legends as “history’s last line of defense,” a line which is very inspiring, though last season’s score card does leave one thinking “Poor history!” Still, whatever they do or don’t change this season, it will be good to have the crew back again. The show starts tonight on CW at 8/7 centra.

Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Poster

story's Last Line of Defense--Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Trailer
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story's Last Line of Defense--Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Trailer
Watch history's last line of defense swing into action in this Legends of Tomorrow Season Two trailer. Ponder the crew's likely success rate as "History's last line of defense!"
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