Cosplay Feature of the Week: YupKat Cosplay


It’s feature day! Our cosplay guest today comes from a usually sunny, sandy and warm climate. She has a pleasant disposition…who am I kidding, she’s a bundle of energy and excitement! We are proud to introduce to you YupKat Cosplay!


My name’s Katrina, 27, from Florida!

My hobbies involve, well, cosplay mainly – Most hobbies I take up end up being used in cosplay one way or another.

You know how it is. How you were drawn to/started cosplaying

Welcome Katrina! So what inspired you to start cosplaying?

I’ve always loved dressing up, mostly for Halloween every year. My mother always made my costumes, so I’ve always loved watching the whole process of a costume coming together. I’ve also always been a creative spirit, getting into whatever crafts I could. Naturally, cosplay came to be the perfect outlet.

Cosplay turned into the perfect creative outlet for me as well! I am so happy to hear how it has pulled everything together for you too. Tell us: what inspires your cosplay creations AND just HOW LONG have you been a cosplayer?

I only started cosplaying in earnest maybe about six or seven years ago. I really get drawn to some character designs which are just completely awesome the moment you look at them or the possible creative aspects of a project, like learning new techniques or total artistic freedom.

Inspiration by distraction: I like that. That is literally what happens to me too. I just see a character and think “MUST HAVE COSTUME”…then the magic happens. Do you expect anything to come from you love of cosplay? Has it influenced your life in any way?

All I really want from cosplay is a fun, creative outlet, and a safe space for expression. It’s a hobby for me right now and a great way to just relieve stress (even if time crunches before cons are their own kind of stress!).

I know what you mean about con crunches. I have literally forced myself to plan my costumes for next year before the end of this year so I am not left in the world of ‘can’t sleep, must sew’ again. It’s taxing and takes away from my enjoyment of the con. Now for a really hard question: What is your favorite cosplay? Also, please share with us how you created it…

14429620_1293865363987236_1183080562_nRight now, my current favorite is my most recent one: My Paladin Lightsworn Garb (tier 10) from World of Warcraft.

It’s not finished because I still have some special fx I want to add to it, but I’m smitten with it as it is right now.

I used a lot of materials on this one, like Worbla’s Finest Art, Worbla’s Black Art, Thibra, Apoxie Sculpt, EVA foam, craft foam, pink insulation foam, so much hot glue. It’s the first project where I’ve used Neopixel strips and rings and an arduino in (shout out to Adafruit for having all the cool toys). I spent so many hours carving and cutting and shaping and sculpting and… whatever else. I even tried my hand at airbrushing again after cursing the thing for a couple years when I kept breaking guns. This is my favorite armor set from WoW so it was all well worth it.

It looks amazing and you have used so many costuming techniques in it…I am quite impressed! Has this experience helped you discover a favorite medium to work in?

I love to make whatever I can because I love to create. My first armor costumes used thermoplastics, but I’ve been learning and practicing working with EVA foam because it’s an awesome medium too (and cheap~)!

Everyone who picks up EVA foam has a moment of ‘wtf’ before clarity sets in and it becomes your favorite material. I adore using EVA foam and agree that it is entirely more affordable than other armor/prop building materials available on the market. Do you happen to have any favorite cosplayers who have inspired you?

Favorites are so hard! I really love and admire so many cosplayers in this community!! Coregeek is so amazing at what he does and supportive of everyone. I can’t even say he was the first person to follow me, because I didn’t even have a public front to follow when he first messaged me about my Lady Sif costume I idly posted on reddit! You could say it was because of him I made a page, haha.

That is awesome! We had one of his daughters as a feature just recently and she was splendid to speak with. It’s amazing to see just how many ties one cosplayer can have to members all over the world! Sadly, it seems our time is together is coming to an end. Before I share your lovely work with our audience would you mind offering some advice up to current/future cosplayers?

Have fun. I think this is truly the top advice someone can take to heart. Wear your costume and just have fun. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on your costume or how accurate it looks. It doesn’t matter what any hater or debbie-downer has to say. I want everyone to be a positive force and have fun.

Thank you for taking time with us today YupKat! For more information on this positive cosplayer please visit her on FACEBOOK. Here is a glimpse as some of her incredible work…

Photographer Credits: Mig Photography World, Emerald Coast Cosplay, AshB Images & Variant Cover Cosplay Composites.


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