The Tenth Doctor Year 2


doctor-who-the-tenth-doctor-2-1-600x910 In this, volume 3 of 5 of Old Girl: The Return of Sutkeh, a lot is happening. And by a lot, I mean, there is Egyptian Gods, dragons coming from the sky, the Doctor flirting with a cat woman (no nun’s habit this time), and oh yeah, there’s also the science-y stuff I can’t really explain.

The story picked up right where it left off, The Doctor is off to find Gabby, cause he left her in the midst of Anubis, like he does, only problem is that Anubis seems to have been taken over by another entity, an angry entity at that. Gabby is with Dorthy and they are trying to save the Seeker, who’s been killed. But not really. As A.I. she’s really just been sent back to her central core and is trying to reboot herself, but it isn’t working. Or is taking too long.  Either way, it gives the Doctor enough time to get there, after taking a side bar with Sekhmet.

However, as usual, the Doctor showing up means that the bad guy, in this case an Egyptian God who hates humanity, has to show his hand. His hand, as in, opening the portal wider in order to let in his “allies.” In this case, allies means a giant flying dragon and friends.  Which leaves me to wonder, if the beasts coming through are a ploy for time, or the actual end game.  Sutkeh has two forms now, and is planning to sue the Time Engine to bring his full self back, but does he need more time or does he really want the Doctor out of the way for good now? He makes mention of having dealt with the Doctor in the past, so I’m left wondering what is going to happen next.

The Tenth Doctor Year 2, volume 3 of 5, Old Girl: The Return of Setkuh is out tomorrow, (10-19-2016) from Titan comics.




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