Darkhorse to Update Arthurian Legend With ‘The Once and Future Queen’



Arthurian legend is getting an update thanks to Dark Horse, and the creative team of Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbridge, Nickolas Brokenshire, and Frank Cvetkovic. The Once and Future Queen centers around a teenage girl named Rani Arturus (quite literally translated Queen Arthur, but I digress). As she heads to the United Kingdom to compete in a chess championship, she encounters the legendary sword Excalibur. This pushes her headlong into a world of magic, under the support of a modern version of Merlin. Rani must put chess aside and become the queen humankind has been waiting for.

“Arthurian legend is such an incredibly rich playground to work in, so we decided to utilize the core concept, but give it some twists and turns, updating it to reflect today’s world, not yesterday’s,” explained The Once and Future Queen writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride. “We each seem to gravitate toward stories that reflect the world in terms of diversity and structure, while still loving old myth and finding new ways to bring it forward.”

The Once and Future Queen’s first issue (of five) goes on sale March 8, 2017.



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