torchwood_002_cover_a I love this comic. I’m not entirely sure what all is going on as it flips back and forth between multiple story lines, which I hope intersect at some point. But that doesn’t matter, cause it’s awesome.  The descriptions at each change of location: awesome. The blue haired AI: awesome. Captain Jack: awesome.  Young stowaway girl who calls out Captain Jack on his belt/suspenders: Double Awesome.

“Problem keepin’ your pants up?” I laughed out loud for almost a full minute when I read that. We’ve all thought it. We’ve seen it said in fandom posts. And now to have it in an actual comic? Titan sure does know their readers.

Back to the story, like the last issue, this is still in set up mode. There is a lot of information being given to you, in small bits just to make you try to figure it out yourself.  In different areas we see the wife of a dead Torchwood scientist and her butler who is definitely up to something,  Captain Jack and Gwen doing what they do best, and AI Shelley being an awesome sassy member of the crew, despite her just being a hologram.  I think at this point, I’m most curious about the butler who is hiding something and seems quite dodgy.

Also, let me not forget to mention that they have a guy named Vlad in their crew. I mean seriously, how cool is this group of people? And they go about the worlds saving folks. (yes I have a soft spot for the name Vlad) I’m really excited about what Titan is bringing us with this comic. The tone is absolutely perfect and the sass is still so strong with Captain jack. Anyone who was a fan of the show or of his appearances in Doctor Who will absolutely love this series.

Torchwood #2 was released yesterday by Titan and is available now.


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