The Twelfth Doctor Year Two


385609_sx1280_ql80_ttd I really dislike getting dropped into a comic in the middle. You feel adrift in a story that is almost half done. This is the case here, which is weird as I’ve been reviewing Doctor Who comics for three months now and I don’t understand how I missed the first of this duo.  This issue, Playing House part 2 of 2 is the end of a fun adventure that the Twelfth Doctor is having with a punk rocker by the name of Hattie. Hattie and the Doctor are helping a family who accidentally bought an old Tardis in its disguised form, and chaos ensued. The family got sucked in and lost and the Tardis, which was dying, attracted some seriously bad guys, the Spyrillites, who wanted to suck all the artron energy that a dying Tardis emits.

This issue has the Doctor, Hattie and a very worried Mum running through an ever changing house to find a lost family. A hard feat when the house adds rooms as you run. Made even harder by the fact that the dying Tardis is pulling apart the world slowly.  But once the kids are found, they are able to lead the Doctor to the control room, and with a little trusty salt (the Winchesters would love that) the Spyrillites are dispatched before they are able to suck all the artron energy from the dying Tardis.

I really liked how this story had a happy ending, both for the family and for the Doctor who got to jam with Hattie. I super love that Twelve is all about the music, it’s a great character development, in my humble opinion.

The Twelfth Doctor, Year Two: Playing House part 2 of 2 was released yesterday from Titan comics.


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