Cosplay Feature of the Week: Spiderwoman MCG


It’s Friday?! Ah! Where has October gone?! Ok, freaking out aside this week’s cosplay feature is special because her focus is almost entirely on the MC (Marvel Comics) universe. Please welcome the effervescent Spiderwoman MCG!

13240046_468037993391659_3093076377817308993_nHere’s a little about Siderwoman MCG…

  • Her name is Nancy Chavelly.
  • She’s 29 years young 😉
  • She lives in Staten Island, NY.
  • Her hobbies include: Cooking, Traveling and Cosplaying.
  • She became attached to Spiderwoman after participating in a 100 person strong MCG (Marvel Comics Gang) role playing group where she acted out the part of Jessica Drew (spiderwoman).

Welcome to FanGirl Nation Nancy! Why don’t you tell us WHY you are drawn to Spiderwoman?

I love the character Spiderwoman. She’s now a mom just like me, she’s also stubborn and a loner due to her past link to Hydra. I feel attached to this character since I rolepayed her for 5 years. I started cosplaying because of her. I have been cosplaying since March 2015.

It’s wonderful when you are able to capture the essence of a character withing yourself. So what is your opinion of cosplay? What has it done for you as a mom?

Cosplay can open doors for many things, at least for me it has. I always wanted to model but never had the courage to find my way. Cosplay has helped me find my way. I have been able to meet so many different people from different backgrounds and learned so much from them. It’s helped me build character and get out of my comfort zone. I have gained skills that I never knew I had. I am now motivated to find new adventures in this field.

Have your cultivated a list of favorite cosplayers in your young journey through cosplay?

[I have]. My favorite cosplayer would be Dhareza Cosplayza Maramis because of his humbleness and amazing craftsmanship.

I have to agree with you there: his work IS amazing. Thank you for sharing his name with us. So what is YOUR favorite cosplay?

spiderwoman_mcg-1474378000066My favorite cosplay is my Deadpool Playboy Bunny. I built a bazooka prop out of PVC pipe and personalized it with graffiti of DP. I also attached a DP plushie doll on the bazooka mouth piece which gave it a look like he was launched out of the bazooka.

That is adorable! Do you make your own cosplays?

I buy and make my cosplays. I have a Home Depot store right across from me and a Micheals near me. I use EVA foam, stock paper, PVC, thermoplastics and fabric to name a few.

Your work is incredible. I really like how much fun you have with your costumes. Before we wrap up this conversation what would you like to tell the cosplayers of the world?

DON’T QUIT! As simple as it sounds I find myself frustrated at times because it doesn’t come out a certain way I want it or it’s getting too frustrating. Take a break and pick it back up at a later time because maybe, just maybe, you are suffering from artist block.

Thank you for sharing with us Nancy! To see more of this incredible cosplayer’s work please visit her on…

Here’s a quick preview of what you will discover…

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Nancy Chavelly
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