The Third Doctor #2


download The Master’s face got pulled off. The Doctor is crystallized. All sorts of  mayhem is happening here. It’s insane.

This is the second of a series and picks up right where the last one left off. With a SECOND doctor showing up. Two doctors in one place? This could be very bad, or very good. This of course depends of why the second doctor is there.  He could be there to help, or he could be there to much up something. Or he could be a bad doctor sent by the Master to mess with Three. So many options here.

Also, we can’t forget the little mechanical octopus looking things that are trying to destroy sleepy little England (it’s always England isn’t it?) The little buggers are eating everything in sight, and everything that gets eaten gets turned into another little bot. And by everything, I do mean everything. Including Jo. When Jo gets hurt the Third Doctor enters her mind to try and help her, but that doesn’t end well at all. He ends up hurt as well, and this comic about the Third Doctor quickly becomes about the Second. Perhaps in the next issue we’ll get to see why he’s there.

Of course we’re also left to question the Master’s reason for being there. The Master seems to think he’s on the side of the angels this time, going so far as to say he isn’t the bad guy this time. And that makes me wonder if these little bots are so terrible that the Master is going to try to help the Doctor. Although, historically, the Master trying to help the Doctor never ends up well. The Master is a tricky guy after all. I’m quite interested to see how the Third doctor is going to get out of this mess, and what exactly the Master is up to.

The Third Doctor was released by Titan on Oct 19th and is available everywhere now.


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