Batgirl Volume 3: Mindfields


515bwpjb9alWhile Batgirl has a wealth of special devices, an awesome outfit, and a motorcycle, it’s her brain that makes her powerful. On the verge of a tech breakthrough, Batgirl is discovering that someone or something is messing with her new crime stopping data and coming after the people she’s sworn to protect. If the tech is in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of Burnside, and devastate her neighborhood. Unfortunately, her brain itself is being hacked. She must team up with her closest friends and allies to stop the hacker, and keep them from taking over.

Batgirl really shows her strength in this collection. Batgirl Volume 3: Mindfields, collects issues #46-52 of the more modern series. ¬†What makes Batgirl truly amazing is her willingness to sacrifice herself for the greater good. While she’s done a ton of work on her tech project, she’s willing to sacrifice it, heck even the technological implants that allow her to walk on her own two feet, if it means her city and friends get to live. That’s amazing.

The Batgirl story line in this warns about what it means to trust others, how those you may have known in the past can not necessarily be trusted and the importance of true friends you can rely on.

Batgirl Volume 3: Mindfields is now available from DC Comics.


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