First Look at ‘Harbinger Renegade’ #2 from Valiant Comics


The Renegades thought they could retire, but when you’re a high-powered psiot in a world where psiots are often at war with each other and with ordinary humans, that doesn’t work so well. Written by Rafer Roberts with artist Darick Robertson, Harbinger Renegade #2 finds the Renegades facing Alexander Solomon, another former pupil of Toyo Harada, whoh can predict and shape the future. His plans spell disaster for a number of people, so the Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Faith Herbert, and John Torkelson are once more in the thick of the action.

Harbinger Renegade #2 comes out December 21, 2016.

Harbinger: Renegades Vol 2 Cover C by Palosz

HR #2 p 3

Harbinger: Renegades #2 Cover B by Pollina

Harbinger: Renegades #2 Cover A by Robertson

Harbinger: Renegades #2 page 8

HR #2 p 6

HR #2 page 5

HR #2 Page 4

Alexander Solomon – the renegade pupil of Toyo Harada – can predict the future, and his plans for the future could transform the world – or end it altogether. Now, as the Harbinger Renegades reassemble their lives and learn to be a team, Solomon will force them toward a new purpose in his campaign for a disturbing new tomorrow…

Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Faith Herbert, and John Torkelson thought they could go underground. They thought they could get their old lives back. They were wrong. As four psionically powered “psiots” that can defy the laws of physics with a thought alone, this extraordinarily dangerous team of teenagers won’t be able to escape the fight that society has brought to their door. As Alexander Solomon’s violent, new superpower movement spreads across the suburbs, America’s only hope will be the teenagers it wished it could forget.

Written by Rafer Roberts
Art by Darick Robertson with Juan Jose Rip
Cover A by Darick Robertson (OCT161966)
Cover B by Adam Pollina (OCT161967)
Cover C by Monica Palosz (OCT161968)
Variant Cover by Clayton Henry (OCT161970)
Variant Cover by Kano (OCT161971)
Variant Cover by Jim Mahfood (OCT161972)
Valiant Cat Cosplay Variant Also Available (OCT161969)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale December 21

First Look at 'Harbinger Renegade' #2 from Valiant Comics
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First Look at 'Harbinger Renegade' #2 from Valiant Comics
Get a look at pages from the upcoming Harbinger Renegade #2 from Valiant Comics
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