Phoenix Fan Fest 2016: Cosplay O’Rama


Phoenix Fan Fest 2016 ran through this past weekend and it was a refreshing experience from years previous. Although attendance felt minimal (I did not spend much time on the first floor where the spotlight panels were so my perspective could be skewed) the energy was incredible and the new location was far more suitable to this type of event. Phx Fan Fest 2014 & 2015 were hosted in an arena; while this made for a HUGE exhibitor hall it severely limited programming and guest accommodations. Matt Solberg, owner of Square Egg Entertainment Inc. (which runs Phoenix Comicon/Fan Fest/Keen Halloween) made a risky decision to move Fan Fest to the Phoenix Convention center. While I am not certain how that paid off for the company itself, the atmosphere felt FAR MORE convention like than the previous years and it made this con enthusiast VERY happy.

This relaxed event hosted big name WWE guests, two primary actors from Stranger Things, THE ORIGINAL Admiral Ackbar (Tim Rose), some actors from SHIELD and many comic book authors, illustrators and creators. People from all walks of life mingled on the second and third floors of the Phoenix Convention center. People traffic/congestion was minimal and the flow of the escalators made getting up and down the floors quite simple. Phx Fan Fest also opened up the “Light Bridge” (a bridge that joins the West and North conventions buoldings) for use; they also permitted photography along this walk way (which is typically forbidden during the higher traffic events) so there were some fantastic costumers hanging around there throughout the day to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and lighting.

Alright, all logistical stuff aside I really had fun at this convention. I watched a couple panels, participated in a few impropmtu photo shoots, wandered the exhibitor hall and found THE MOST ADORABLE Unicorn Kitty at a booth (you bet I bought one, her name is now Yuni). So what was it like to attend Phoenix Fan Fest? I’ll let the video below do the speaking for me…

I ALSO captured some AMAZING photos of cosplayers at this convention…

Did you attend Fan Fest this year? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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