Quick Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup and Proesthetics


Hello everyone! It’s Halloween! Time for ghouls, zombies, vampires, werewolves and all matters of beasts to roam the streets in search of sweet treats. As a costume enthusiast I love to see when people come to my door in elaborate beauty make-ups or when they wear a frightening prosthetic that oozes and pulsate. The trouble with these elaborate designs is applying them and KEEPING them on. So, to help you with your festivities, here are some quick tips on creating your best halloween look!


Whether you are applying something beautiful, scary or disgusting there is one step that EVERYONE should take: using a primer to smooth out your skin. Primer is key to getting your skin ready for make-up and/or prosthetic application. Here are a few primers you can get from most local stores for a fairly inexpensive price…

  • E.L.F Primer: There are several kinds. I prefer the Hydrating Face Primer as it keeps my skin smooth and feeling clean under the make-up. This can be purchased at most Walmart and Target locations or through Amazon Prime.

  • Mehron Skin Prep: This is a long lasting, professional make-up primer that is usually only found on Amazon OR at high-end costuming stores that carry alcohol/water based air brush make-ups.

  • Hard Candy Sheer Primer: Inexpensive, sheer and easy to acquire, this quick setting primer is a great alternative to costume make-up primers and still completes the job it is assigned. You can find this at just about any store that carries make-up.

Skin Paint

There are many different types of skin paint. Each has their positives and negatives. Here is a brief summary of what you can use and how to use it…

  • Grease Paint: Cheap, easy to apply, found EVERYWHERE and in just about EVERY color. This is great beginner level make-up that can be used for anything from the Hulk to an elaborate Dia De Los Muertos design. So what’s the catch? It doesn’t last long, it smears easily and MANY people are allergic to it.

  • Cake Make-up: This is the paint that many face painter’s use. It’s typically hypo-allergenic, is inexpensive, can be bought in most Halloween stores and does not smear as easily as Grease paint. The down side? This takes more time, skill and patience as you often have to work in layers.

  • Stage Make-Up: Typically water based, this make-up is high quality and lasts much longer than Cake or Grease Paints. The catch to this is that it requires skill, patience and practice to apply.

  • Alcohol Based Paint: For a look that lasts ALL night…and into the next day you can use Alcohol based paints. Typically applied via an airbrush, these paints can be applied EVERYWHERE and they with stand sweating, washing and everything in between. The obvious issue here being removal: you MUST have a high grade make-up remover to get this quality of make-up off.

Looking for application advice? Check out OUR article on cosplay make-up application OR visit COSPLAY TUTORIAL for more examples of how to apply various character looks.

SFX and Prosthetics

There are various types of kits, prosthetic and SFX designs any person can complete for Halloween. You don’t have to been an SFX make-up master but you should be familiar with a few things such as…

  • Adhesives: Spirit Gun, Prosaide, etc.
  • Adhesive remover: Mineral Oil, specialty removers, etc.
  • Sealants: Matte, Shiny, sticky, etc.

These are ALL necessary to complete a specialty SFX look. Here are some ideas for prosthetic applications…

  • Wound Kits: Bloody, gory and full of damage. These pre-made wounds make you look as if you’ve stepped right out of bloodshed and into your local neighborhood.
  • Zombie kit: Angry, hungry and disheveled, these kits include LOTS of blood and scars to promote your undead aesthetic.
  • Werewolf kit: Not all monsters shamble about, this kit will turn your into a furry hunter prepared to tackle tricky prey on Halloween night.
  • Sugar Skull kit: Perhaps you prefer to celebrate the night of the dead with love, beauty and by reminiscing with your ancestors.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster: Looking to be the KING of Halloween? Then slip into this intense prosthetic full of latex detail and bolts to please the darkest of evil professors.

Now not everyone wants to spends an hour or more on their make-up. Sometimes you just want a simple prosthetic to highlight your character. Here are a few simple to apply prosthetics to ignite your imagination…

Seal It

We briefly mentioned Sealant above. This is CRITICAL to keeping your make-up on YOU and not all over your clothes and/or friends. Sealants can be purchased anywhere. The most common are water based but Ben Nye sells a matte, alcohol based sealant that is INCREDIBLE and keeps your make-up looking fresh for long periods of time.

Wear it

Once primed, applied, painted and sealed you’re ready for your Halloween experience! Go have fun and work that magic on your face!

Do you have a make-up question we did not answer here? Comment below and our very own Cosplay Savant will do her best to get you an answer in time for Halloween.

Quick Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup and Proesthetics
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Quick Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup and Proesthetics
Halloween Makeup
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