Mycroft Holmes#3


mycroft_03_cover_a I have to apologize to the comic gods for being late on this one. In the craziness of the past two weeks, it just slipped through the cracks. I’m sorry. Extra sorry, cause I love this comic and could have used the smile last week. but that’s a whole other thing. Moving on.

Mycroft #3 starts with the titular character in America. He’s on a mission from the Queen, and has a keeper in tow. Though the keeper doesn’t last long, and Mycroft himself almost doesn’t either. An attack right after he landed is launched and he loses his keeper, as well as his luggage. It looks as if he might go down early, but never to fear, he is  saved by a badass chick with many knives strapped to her chest.

You never really find out who she is, but she is apparently going to be integral to the American portion of his quest. On the docks he also stumbles on a young girl, who he brings with him, after being unable to revive her grandmother. The girl saw something, or so he thinks and he wants to know what. But before he can find out, something happens. I won’t tell you what (or who), but I will tell you that it has me going to back to my history to see if these two people would be alive at the same time. I’m all about suspension of belief, but if you throw two Very Important People together, I want to know it makes sense. I know, I know, it sounds crazy and pointless in relation to this comic about all the weird things. But still.

In this issue you always get to see the bad guy, the Moriarty of it all, though he’s American and this is Mycroft not Sherlock, so it’s not Moriarty at all.  And this bad guy, well, he’s viscous. In a almost Negan kind of way, if you catch my drift. Also, sutures….the sutures are intense. Phew. A lot happened in this volume, and I am so looking forward to the next one. just to see how that last scene plays out.

Mycroft Holmes #3 came out on Oct 26th and is available everywhere.



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